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One question we get quite often; do Bolt+Trim Seats fit Defender 90 (Ninety), Defender 110 (One-Ten) or a Defender 130?


The short answer is yes, BUT, you will need to potentially convert Seat Mounts and take few points into consideration - this can get complicated to explain so we'll just point "the major-biggy" first; this is only for Defender Models (or County Models with Coil Over suspension) between the years of 1983 and 2016. If you have something other than what we've mentioned, perhaps like a Santana Model, do get in contact with us and we'll see what we can do for you.

Bolt+Trim Front Seats are made to Land Rover Series 2/2a or Series 3 specifications - they rely on a simple pivot point system and lean backwards on the secondary bulkhead (or crossbar for SW Models) behind the Seats, sometimes with a Leather strap to keep them in position. To get them to fit your Defender you will need to convert to Series Seat Mounts. That can be the fixed version (see below on the left), or the Slider Tray/angle iron version (see below on the right). The only hick-ups you may encounter are availability, the fixed version is rarely available new (we may be able to help with sourcing them so do get in touch if you need assistance) and the Slider Tray - although being easily available on its own internationally - WILL need original Series Land Rover Sliders in order to mount.

Fixed Mount.jpg
Slider Mount.jpeg

The other thing you will need is that secondary bulkhead for the Seats to lean against. If your Defender doesn't have the secondary bulkhead from factory you may need to source, make or get made a crossbar - similar to a bulkhead removal bar but directly across the vehicle in a straight line, which is actually what original 4/5 Door Station Wagon Series Land Rovers have.

We must also point out that because Series Land Rover Seats follow a design from the late 1940s, the safety aspect of your Seating position will change [these Seats do not have headrests] and we cannot make any guarantees on international legalities (such as the strict TUV system in Germany) of backdating your Seats to Series-era specifications - we will therefore not be held liable for any responsibilities of a conversion such as this.

PLEASE, take this into account when opting for this setup. Bolt+Trim Seats are normal Series Land Rover Seats and are intended to be installed in Classic Vehicles as an original spec replacement.

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